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Mumbai Talking! - On site storytelling, theatre, writing and art!

As you drive down the Marine Drive promenade today, it’s difficult to imagine that it was nothing but sea water until the early 1920s and then just a short distance away when you descend to the Banganga tank in Walkeshwar you are walking into architecture dating back to the 12th century and older still is the legend drawn from the Ramayana, where Ram is said to have shot an arrow here to draw out the waters of the Ganges. The 19th century Gothic gargoyles that menacingly spout water in the torrential Mumbai monsoon from the stone facade of VT station, tell stories of their own.

What is it that links us to this astounding city we inhabit? Why, stories of course!
Ranging from Salman Rushdie and Saadat Hasan Manto among many writers who have made Marine Drive the setting for their stories to legendary film stars like Nargis and Suraiya who lived here, its stories that bind us to the city.

Pomegranate's Mumbai Talking unravels some of these marvelous stories as we inhabit those very spaces and then use our own creative faculties to come up with writing and art that stay with us for a lifetime.

In a series of site specific experiences embedded with creative writing, theatre and art, participants will be part of an immersive experience that informs as well as elicits creative expression!  
Dasavatar at Banganga - an iconography based storytelling, visual art and art making session
Dasavatar, the Puranic story of the incarnations of Hindu God Vishnu, has as its first five incarnations, four utterly immersive animal based stories and the fifth as man. In this session, accomplished Odissi dancer and storyteller Advaita Mane will regale the participants with stories of these mythical avataars even as she explains the simple iconography in the visual imagery used to portray each of them. Following the story telling session, the students will be introduced to the Bengali 'Pata Chitra' visual art and oral story telling scroll and the students will create their own scroll, employing their imagination to create an avataar of their choice to save bio diversity, forest lands and water bodies.
Gothic Monsters and Gargoyles
Seated at the BMC headquarters at VT, participants learn about Gothic styles in Mumbai created by the renowned architect Fredrick William Stevens and his progressive designs and plans made in the 18th and early 19th century which stand to this date at VT station and the BMC headquarters. They will examine these buildings in the light of mythical creatures employed and the intersection between art, architecture and myth through interactive activities. This will include handouts and exploration sheets pertaining to the myths of gargoyles and fictions surrounding various fantastical creatures.
It will culminate in a fiction writing activity where students create their own monsters native to the city of Mumbai – locating them within the specific areas in the city or famous Mumbai monuments!  
The Queen's Necklace as seen from Hanging Gardens
Seated in the gazebos at the historic Hanging gardens, this workshop will take place in full view of the majestic Queen's Necklace that adorns the bay. Overlooking the bay, we delve into literature, stories of Bombay's communities and art that deals with Bombay of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The emergence of a modern city, the technical feats that were pulled off in its creation and the glorious stories embedded on its shores from the substance of this session. The participants will then be taken through the basics of fiction writing in order to write their own fictional stories set in Mumbai.
Age Group: 9 to 14 years  
Timing: 10 am to 12 pm (2 hours)
Dates: 21,22,23 December respectively
Fees: Cost per session 1000/- , Cost in case of signing up for all three sessions – 2700/-
Very limited seats, kindly respond soonest!
To register please reply to Ruchika on this email with your full name, mobile number and address. Kindly state your planned mode of fee payment in the email. If you wish to make a bank transfer kindly request for our account details in your email. Registrations will be confirmed on payment.
Payment could be by cash (at our office address given below), cheque courier (details below) or bank transfer (account details will be provided on request)
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