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Dear All,

The much awaited Pomegranate Summer programs are here!

Read on for details of the workshops, registration and faculty below. 

Very limited seats, kindly respond soonest!  


For further details please contact Ruchika on 8605286418 


Workshop Title


Age Group






Shakes’Peers! – A Theatre Workshop based on Shakespeare’s Mid Summer Night’s Dream!



10 – 14 years


20th April to 30th April (except Sunday)


5 pm to 7 pm



including all materials


P. L Deshpande,Prabhadevi


From Page to Stage! - A Theatre Journey! An Adaptation of Shel Silverstein’s beloved classic ‘Lafcadio’ The lion who shot back!



7 – 10 years


20th April to 30th April (except Sunday)


4:30 pm to 6:30 pm



including all materials



P. L Deshpande, Prabhadevi


Arty Folk – An Indian Folk Art & Storytelling Module



7 – 10 years


Thursdays – 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th May


4:30 pm to 6:30 pm



including all materials


P. L Deshpande,



Stories Under the Tree - Delightful outdoor storytelling and activity sessions!



3 – 6 years


Wednesdays – 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th May


5 pm to 6 pm


Cost per session 500/-

including all materials


Five Gardens, Matunga East


What’s Your Story? – A Creative Writing Module



10 – 14 years


4th May to 8th May


4:30pm to 6:30pm



including all materials


P. L Deshpande, Prabhadevi



Superhero Tales – A Creative Writing Moduleto create your own superhero!



9 – 13 years


11th May to 13th May


4:30 pm to 6:30 pm



including all materials


P. L Deshpande, Prabhadevi


Film Making at NCPA



10-14 years


13th May to 17th May


3 pm to 6 pm


9500/- including 18% GST



NCPA, Nariman Point










































Shakes’ Peers!

Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ meets Harry Potter (or Kung Fu Panda or The Wimpy Kid or...) in this crazy workshop. Shake’s Peers will see children invade one of the bard’s most playful works with creative ideas of their own – be it incorporating their favourite characters from movies or books, or weaving their own plots into the story to create “confusion worse confounded”!


All the world’s a stage at this workshop, where children will rescript a Shakespeare play, recast it with their own characters, build their own props, assemble their own costumes and “strut and fret their hour upon the stage” for all to see. Poor Will Shakes will be left clutching his hair, crying “Hell is empty and all the devils are here!


The workshop module includes theatre activities, ideation, scripting, creating props and costumes and finally performing their adaptation in a small in class presentation.


Faculty: Gerish Khemani


From Page to Stage!


A theatre journey based on Shel Silverstein's beloved classic, Lafcadio - The lion who shot back!


As words leap out of a page, the imagination soars. You could be in a forest, then transported to a city and whats more, you could become an animal who takes on a human journey or a human who encounters such an animal. The possibilities are limitless. And thats exactly what happens when Lafcadio decides to undertake a human journey.


At this module, the participants inhabit the world of the book as they make it their own, become characters, give themselves dialogues and take to performing this delightful tale.

Right from scripting to performance the students will be part of every stage of this journey and eventually put up an in class dramatic presentation on the last day of the workshop.


Faculty: Advaita Mane & Ruchika Thakkar



Arty Folk!


An Indian art and storytelling series


Few civilizations of the world can boast the intensely rich tapestry of story and art that is India. Indian folk forms integrate visual art and story in incredibly rich ways which lead to exciting story building and art possibilities. In this carefully crafted series for young participants, Pomegranate presents four landmark art and story forms from India



A telling of the Dasavatar, followed by a character creation activity where students write a character sketch and illustrate an avatar of their own creation.


Madhubani on Tawdi

Discover the stories in this ancient art style from Bihar and then make your own Madhubani story-art on terracotta tawdis!


Andhra Leather puppets

The luminiscent Andhra leather puppets tell ethereal stories as they move against light. In this workshop the participants will create their own puppets from translucent handmade paper and learn to tell a moving story using a background of light.


PataChitra Scroll

In this ancient art form from Bengal, the artist is painter, storyteller and singer, all rolled into one! Participants will channel their own art and story by making patachitra style scrolls and then telling the story themselves as they unfurl their scroll!


Faculty: Komal Suryawanshi & Advaita Mane


Stories Under the Tree!

Delightful outdoor storytelling and activity sessions!

This May stories come alive at Five Gardens, Dadar East. Stories Under the Tree is a beautiful way for you to spend time with your child as you listen to wonderful tales and soak in the greenery. In this workshop, you and your child will experience the thrill of creation as you participate in a host of delightful post-reading activities that focus on creativity and self-expression.

Special Features:

  • A unique storytelling format that combines reading, rhythm and telling
  • The use of multiple arts to facilitate interaction with the story
  • Working with varied materials such as clay, paint, oil pastels
  • Tales from around the world by award winning illustrators and writers such as Eric Carle, Clare Beaton, Maurice Sendak 

So what are you waiting for? Come unwind with us as you listen to stories and take in the verdure of Five Gardens!

Faculty: Apeksha Harsh & Advaita Mane


What’s Your Story?

A creative writing module

What’s Your Story? is a 5 session intensive creating writing workshop where participants engage with elements of fiction as they compose their short stories, explore unique and expressive forms of poetry and nonfiction that will immerse them in a wide range of exposure and fun!  Using art, theatre, outdoor activities and other stimulating approaches, participants will be introduced to new stories and old, from India and beyond. Aimed at nurturing the creative spirit and sharpening the imagination, the workshops are designed especially to create a safe space where participants are constantly engaging with literature and stories using games, cues and other triggers. They are encouraged to experiment fearlessly with ideas, thoughts and words and realize their own writing potential under the guidance of our faculty. Each session will involve several writing exercises, facilitator and peer-to-peer feedback, reflections and discussions! They will be packed with activities that involve working with images, art material, craft, illustrations, film and other such stimuli that become the spring board to their writing as they work with genres such as science fiction, memoir, poetry, among others. 

Faculty: Apeksha Harsh


Superhero Tales

A Creative Writing Module

Ever had an idea for your own superhero? Or thought you could do it better than some of the books and movies out there? At Superhero Tales create your own superhero story! Whether it is an origin story or a face-off with a nemesis, we will take you through the entire creative process.


Over 3 sessions, participants will

  • craft their characters, be it heroes, villains or minor characters
  • work on world building to understand the world their character inhabits
  • focus on the driving conflict in their piece to gauge the direction their work will take

Participants will consistently receive feedback on their superhero tale so as to edit and polish their pieces. At the end of the workshop, the stories will be compiled into an anthology and shared with participants.

Faculty: Apeksha Harsh

Film Making at NCPA

Film is fast emerging as a quick, democratic medium through which people are finding a voice. With the video format taking over the World Wide Web by storm and technology becoming as user friendly as it is no exaggeration to claim that video today is akin to paper and pen! Be it videos on YouTube, theme-based short film festivals, self-financed documentaries – the developments in video technology have enabled people – especially the youth – from all over the world find a platform to tell their story.


Screen Play is a 5-day workshop where children discover the power and potential of film by shooting on a smart phone – and their own creative genius with it. At Screen-Play children will watch films from all over the world, observe the world around them and the stories hidden therein, and learn the technical aspects like ideation, scripting and simple shot taking and editing for really effective story telling


It is about finding your voice and expressing it through the medium of non-fiction/ documentary film. It is all about how well you tell the story in a couple of minutes! It is an art that requires continuous honing and practice but it is important to make a start and that is what Pomegranate’s Screen-Play is about!


The workshop includes viewing a lot of films, ideating, scripting, and working in a team, shooting and editing.


Pomegranate Student Films win accolades at International Film Festivals


·        Pomegranate student film Feeding Diversity shortlisted at Oberhausen International short film festival, Germany 2017

·        The Silenced Siren – Special Jury mention at the Norway Langesund International Youth Film Festival 2016.

·        The Silenced Siren won the Golden Elephant award for ‘Best Film’ in the Youth category at the 19th International Children’s Film Festival of India 2015.

·        4 Pomegranate student films screened the National Children’s Film Festival, Jaipur 2016.

·        The Silenced Siren selected for screening at the IAWRT Asian Women’s Cinema Festival New Delhi 2016.

·        Drum Roles selected for screening at The Rock n Roll film festival, Kenya and Short To The Point (STTP), an international network of distribution, broadcast and promotion of short films.

·        3 Pomegranate student films screened at the Smile International Film Festival for Children and Youth, New Delhi, Siri Fort Auditorium 2016.

·        One live action film and one animation film by Pomegranate students were selected for screening in the International Competition category at the ICFFI 2011.


Faculty: PriyaSrinivasan


Gerish Khemaniis a theatre actor, director and storyteller. He has anchored two yearlong multi faculty theatre programs for the The Pomegranate Workshop where the students staged adaptations of the Wizard of Oz, Rapunzel, the ancient Greek tragedy Antigone and an excerpt from the medieval Persian text - The Shahnameh. These productions have had multiple shows including the National Center for the Performing Arts. Pomegranate’s Antigone 2.0 was listed in the Mumbai theatre Guide’s top ten plays of 2016 as well. Gerish’s play ‘Ripples’ has been staged at the NCPA and as part of Pomegranate’s storytelling performance, Gerish has performed at the NGMA and SitaraStudio.He works closely with students of the IB program in theatre arts. Gerish has also directed children's productions such as Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie, Charandas Chor by HabibTanvir, Sammy: The Word That Broke an Empire.


He just returned from Berlin having accomplished the module 1 (October-December 2016) of the Devising Theatre and Performance course at the London  School of Performing Arts (LISPA) situated in Berlin where he deepened his artistic,  pedagogical and spiritual journey. He had received the Charles Wallace Scholarship by the British Council to pursue the same.


Apeksha Harsh holds an MA in English Literature from The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. She also has an MA in Writing from The University of Warwick, UK. During her time in the UK, she penned the Japanese folktale-based opera Kaguyahime for Operamus. She also taught creative writing to Grade 3 students at St John’s Primary School, Coventry as part of the Warwick Writing Programme in Schools (WWPS) which culminated in an anthology of creative works. Later, she worked with Writing West Midlands as an Assistant Writer for the Polesworth Write On! Writing Squad.Apeksha’s poetry and prose has been published in Under the Radar, Ambit, Fusion, Here Comes Everyone and Eunoia Review. As Head of Language Programmes & School Outreach at The Pomegranate Workshop, Apeksha puts her love for words at the forefront - she has conducted various writing workshops in international schools, government schools, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), International Children's Film Festival (ICCFI), National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), among others. In her free time, she loves eating Asian food, singing to dogs, shaking a leg and watching Snakes in the City!

Komal Suryawanshi specializes in printmaking and painting. Her prints have been
awarded in the State Art Exhibition in the year 2013 and 2014. She conducts several art and printmaking workshops with The Pomegranate Workshop. Komal’s styles of
interest include Folk Art, Kerala style paintings, Madhubani for its elegance and art
with far-eastern influences and experimenting with exclusive art media. She enjoys researching performing art, sculpture and architecture for her classrooms. Komal is a print maker and has completed her Masters in Fine Art from Northern University- Jalgaon. 


Advaita Mane - A dancer, storyteller and dramatist, Advaita’s aim is to infuse each session with multiple arts that awaken the magician in each child. Advaita Mane is an Odissi danseuse for over 20 years and has several performances and accolades to her credit. A recipient of the ‘Singaar Mani’ national title by the Sur SingaarSamsad, she has also received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture, Govt of India for Odissi. Advaita plunged into storytelling at Amar Chitra Katha with a focus on Emotional Intelligence of children. A graduate in Philosophy, Advaita has been a member of The Poona Arts Theatre for the past several years and completed multiple levels of the Speech and Drama course offered by The Trinity College, London. Her love for Indian art and mythology further led her to complete a Diploma in Natyashastra from The Nalanda Institute of Dance and in Indian Aesthetics from Jnanapravah, Mumbai.

At Pomegranate, Advaita works as Head of Workshop Experience and Social Sector Outreach tapping into all her skills as a dancer and storyteller to create imaginative classrooms which tap into the creative spirit in each child.


Priya Srinivasan founded The Pomegranate Workshop and has spearheaded Pomegranate's film programs for 13 years. Student films emerging from The Pomegranate Workshop have won best film awards at the International Children's Film Festival of India and the Bollywood short film festival in Los Angeles in addition to winning special jury mentions across a host of festivals. Pomegranate's films have been screened at over 15 International film festivals across Norway, the United States, Europe and Africa. Priya completed her post-graduation at the Social Communications Media dept at Sophia Polytechnic and subsequently worked for United Television where she produced non-fiction shows for International channels.


Very limited seats, kindly respond soonest!


To register please reply to Ruchika on this email with your full name, mobile number and address. Kindly state your planned mode of fee payment in the email. If you wish to make a bank transfer kindly request for our account details in your email. Registrations will be confirmed on payment.


Payment could be by cash (at our office address given below), cheque courier (details below) or bank transfer (account details will be provided on request)


Note: Cheques may be made out to 'Pomegranate Eduworkshop Pvt. Ltd.'. Cash Payments can be made from 11 am – 4 pm, Monday – Saturday at the Pomegranate office. Cheques can be couriered across to the office.   

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