The Pomegranate Workshop

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Pomegranate LIVE

The Pomegranate Workshop presents LIVE sessions with expert facilitators, storytellers, performers and visual artists!

Every Live session will have the expert facilitator conducting the class with students, telling stories and taking students through activities as they provide real time feedback and focus on student learning.
Guest faculty (experts in theatre, visual art, creative writing and storytelling) will be brought in as guests from time to time to interact with the students in real time and take them through fun activities

Programmes under Pomegranate LIVE!
The Magic Reading Room 
For Grades 1-8
Highlights: Live storytelling, reading, music, curated online resources from museums and libraries the world over!
Contemporary and age appropriate texts that raise the bar on literature
References to Kindle/downloadable Pdfs wherever available of books that are dealt with in the programme

Students are encouraged to read, interpret and voice their opinion on a diverse range of reading material, and demonstrate their understanding through practical, hands-on activities

International Days to explore cultures through stories, celebrating the works of world luminaries, the programme fosters international-mindedness and cultural sensitivity
Pomegranate’s ‘Experience Theatre’ Online!
For Grades 3-8
To see a story performed is to see a story transformed. The power of theatre can unlock hidden meanings with a single stress or inflection, imprint an event on your mind or make you fall in love with a character. Pomegranate's Experience Theatre creates an atmosphere of trust and expression which gives participants an experience of theatre’s incredible potentialCreating short narratives, visualizing them and expressing them using the elements of performance forms the core of this module
Highlights :
Monodrama: Honing individual theatrical strengths, short online live performances by students as a team performing to a co written script; Exposure to theatrical forms from around the world; emphasis on voice and delivery; honing individual writing skills for performance; Guest specialists – story tellers, dancers, actors – to provide enriched classrooms!

Pomegranate’s Theatre accolades
Pomegranate’s Theatre production Antigone 2.0 was staged at NCPA in 2014 and 2016 and it was among the top 10 theatre picks of 2016 (Mumbai Theatre Guide) and is now a full fledged Zoom Online Theatre show!

What's Your Story?
A Creative Writing programme online!
For Grades 6-9
A multi layered programme that creates a space for creative self-expression, and encourages opinions and perspectives on both the local and the global through the medium of writing!
Highlights: Exposure to international writings, Curated online resources in connection to concepts explored within the classroom, Online classroom exchange, Guest writers and Release of a student anthology!
- Engagement with different forms of writing and elements of genres
 - Tasks and monthly goals that tie into our immediate world allowing for deeper self-reflection and creative expression
 - Resource materials including  handouts, readings, videos & handy tips (Pomegranate to provide links where possible to downloadable PDFs/ e-books)
- Individual feedback on written pieces as students hone their writing skills and craft different pieces 

Think Feel Art
A World art and Aesthetics module online!
For Grades 1-8

Dive into the world of artists and explore their stories behind the canvas!

A multi level programme enabling learners to develop an aesthetic sensibility by providing an exposure to an array of global art movements, art from different cultures and art spanning a plethora of mediums and techniques of each art-maker through experiential learning methods

Hands on skill building in art, world art and culture. Different periods in world art history will be taken up in a very simple story telling format supplemented by audio and visual aids and the art, architecture, music of the period can be woven in using experiential learning strategies that will involve the students actually trying their hand at the style of the art form under consideration. Online tours into the World's greatest art in a plethora of museum archives
Multi faculty : Along with storytellers and artists from the Pomegranate team, Guest artists and performers to make an appearance during sessions to share their journey and techniques with students.