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New Aug-Sep batches! Student and Teacher modules!

Dear all
We are excited to announce our August-September workshops and the next slot of free trials! Don't miss them for a taste of The Pomegranate Experience.

Name of the Workshop Age Group Date and Time of the workshop No. of Sessions Date and Time of the free Trial Session Cost of the workshop
Storytime with Rajasaurus 3 – 6 years 1st to 4th September
4pm to 5pm
4 20th August, Thursday 6pm to 6:30pm 350/- Per session
(1200/- if registering for all four sessions)
Katha-Khel 7- 10 years Once a week – Thursdays
5:30 pm to 6:30pm
(27th August, 3rd , 10th, 17th, 24th September)
5 21st August
Friday 6pm to 6:30 pm
1500/- for the entire module
Create your own School Anthology!
For Junior & Middle School Teachers Once a week -Wednesdays
26th August, 2nd September
5:30 to 6:30pm
2 NA 1000/-

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Story Time with Rajasaurus – the Dino King!
For Ages 3-6 years

Rajasaurus the Dino King is on a quest to collect amazing stories! Meet Rajasaurus as he visits our homes to hear stories, exchange notes about his dinosaur kingdom and learn fun artwork that can be done with the entire family! This exciting online workshop combines storytelling, theatre, music and art as our facilitators take you through stories from around the world that will pique your child’s curiosity and surely excite Rajasaurus the beloved Dino King! From The Sand Dragon to Franklin’s Blanket, there are tales full of friendship, love and imagination! Play around with collage work, finger painting, sing songs and wear your story crowns each time we meet! And what’s more, every time Rajasaurus returns, he shares how the other dinos in his kingdom have taken to the new stories he has collected! Don’t be surprised if you learn a thing or two from the Dino King himself! He’s a lively, excited dinosaur who is ever ready to learn and always happy to share what he feels – whether it’s an insight into a story or how he’s feeling that day! So come join in the fun!
The Kingdom of Indian Mythology and Games!
For Ages 7-10 years

Several armed goddesses bearing weapons, several headed demons, scores of creatures who inhabit land, water, air and the nether world all at once! 
Shape shifting ogres and birds with magical powers.
Welcome to the kingdom of  Pomegranate’s Katha Khel – a unique story telling cum games session where we delve into the stories and games of ancient Indian myths and folklore.
Each session is uniquely crafted to introduce children to Indian mythology and several indigenous games and simple toys that can be made from simple household materials.
Board games that brought down kingdoms or took monks to salvation, brain teasers played by the Gods. Target boards that created legendary archers and quizzes that tickle the mind.
 Lets discover these precious gems and play them in our own unique way, created by us as we listen to stories and take off on a magic carpet to lands far away.
Learn how to create your own ancient toys using simple principles of science, design your mythological boardgames and plan a fun day for your family. Jump right into a game session with us every week and experience the thrill of creating your own games and toys.

For Junior and middle school teachers
As the school academic year starts up online, both teachers and students are faced with an incredible opportunity for driving one’s own learning to become self learners – a skill that will last a life time
As part of Pomegranate’s initiatives to propel this self learning phase we bring to you a complete module on how to create a school student anthology entirely fuelled by students, their imagination and skill as they are facilitated in this process by their very own teachers!
Pomegranate now presents a unique teacher resource that includes tips on creating your very own online school anthology and includes a digital copy of a curated Pomegranate interschool anthology ‘Future Speak’ themed on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 which features student writing from across schools
Anthology (noun): a collection of poems or pieces of writing or music
ORIGIN Greek anthos ‘flower’ or anthologia ‘collection of flowers’
An anthology can be many things – a collection of poems, plays, stories, music – but at its heart an anthology is a living, breathing testament to the voices of its time. Capturing these voices and forging connections with the real world becomes of prime importance! So how does one go about creating and putting together an anthology?
With Pomegranate’s Create Your Own School Anthology, you have access to a handy resource as well as an exciting collection of writing by young adults.
The package includes:
  • A digital copy of ‘Future Speak’ themed on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 featuring young adult voices across demographics and languages – this interschool anthology was created as part of Pomegranate’s one of a kind interschool sustainability festival ‘WeCreate 2019’ and includes poetry and artwork by young adults!
  • Tips and tricks on creating your own school anthology right from ideation to execution – identify ways to make young adult voices shine, encourage creativity and plan a vibrant anthology that reflects contemporary experiences
  • Two live one hour sessions for teachers on how to facilitate student writing for an anthology
Cost for Pomegranate’s Create Your Own School Anthology starter pack which includes all of the above = Rs 1000 per participant. 

Apeksha Harsh holds an MA in English Literature from The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. She also has an MA in Writing from The University of Warwick, UK. During her time in the UK, she penned the Japanese folktale-based opera Kaguyahime for Operamus. She also taught creative writing to Grade 3 students at St John’s Primary School, Coventry as part of the Warwick Writing Programme in Schools (WWPS) which culminated in an anthology of creative works. Later, she worked with Writing West Midlands as an Assistant Writer for the Polesworth Write On! Writing Squad.Apeksha’s poetry and prose has been published in Under the Radar, Ambit, Fusion, Here Comes Everyone and Eunoia Review. As Head of Language Programmes & School Outreach at The Pomegranate Workshop, Apeksha puts her love for words at the forefront - she has conducted various writing workshops in international schools, government schools, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), International Children's Film Festival (ICCFI), National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), among others. In her free time, she loves eating Asian food, singing to dogs, shaking a leg and watching Snakes in the City!

Advaita Mane - A dancer, storyteller and dramatist, Advaita’s aim is to infuse each session with multiple arts that awaken the magician in each child. Advaita Mane is an Odissi danseuse for over 20 years and has several performances and accolades to her credit. A recipient of the ‘Singaar Mani’ national title by the Sur SingaarSamsad, she has also received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture, Govt of India for Odissi. Advaita plunged into storytelling at Amar Chitra Katha with a focus on Emotional Intelligence of children. A graduate in Philosophy, Advaita has been a member of The Poona Arts Theatre for the past several years and completed multiple levels of the Speech and Drama course offered by The Trinity College, London. Her love for Indian art and mythology further led her to complete a Diploma in Natyashastra from The Nalanda Institute of Dance and in Indian Aesthetics from Jnanapravah, Mumbai.
At Pomegranate, Advaita works as Head of Workshop Experience and Social Sector Outreach tapping into all her skills as a dancer and storyteller to create imaginative classrooms which tap into the creative spirit in each child.
Ruchika Thakkar - An Advertising graduate, Ruchika dived into the field of education with the Teach For India Fellowship in 2014 and since then she has worked with children from varied demographics. At Pomegranate, Ruchika is Assistant Head of Non-Institutional Workshops along with facilitating Reading, Theatre & Life Skills Modules. She is also a production manager for over 7 young adult plays as a part of Pomegranate's Theatre Modules.
Our art facilitator for this module, Komal Suryawanshi specializes in printmaking and painting. Her prints have been awarded in the State Art Exhibition in the year 2013 and 2014. She conducts several art and printmaking workshops with The Pomegranate Workshop. Komal’s styles of interest include Folk Art, Kerala style paintings, Madhubani for its elegance and art with far-eastern influences and experimenting with exclusive art media. She enjoys researching performing art, sculpture and architecture for her classrooms. Komal is a print maker and has completed her Masters in Fine Art from Northern University- Jalgaon.



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