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Think, Feel, Art

Think, Feel, Art is a program that will be your child’s window to the world. The world of art, ideas, imagination, new cultures, new techniques, and new ways of seeing and creating…

Think, Feel, Art is a unique, exclusive, multi-faculty program along the lines of international art courses that imparts essential Art Education for schoolchildren across ages and at all levels. Think, Feel, Art combines multiple approaches, using different mediums such as Watercolour/Acrylic/Printmaking/Mixed Media

The syllabus includes subjects such as works of great artists, world art, and traditional folk art. With a strong conceptual core, a distinguished faculty, and a commitment to providing international quality art education, Think, Feel, Art is a course where children can look forward to discovering and cultivating their own artistic potential under the guidance of experts.

Age Groups: 7-11 years and 12-15 years