The Pomegranate Workshop

Creative Energies At Work

The Art of Science!

Here’s where fantasy meets science

Can you imagine constructing a small robot with any material that you find around you? 

Yes, anything that you find around you! No need for fancy kits or ready materials. Just let your imagination go and you will be amazed at the sheer number of robot ideas you generate with everyday materials and basic science principles!

Heard of VibRobots, Buzzbots, Robo-Cups and moving creatures constructed on a homopolar motor?

Pomegranate’s Art of Science workshop is where fantasy meets art and together they work with science to create the most engaging moving creatures!

Vibrobots or Buzzbots are simple toys using a vibrating motor and ordinary everyday materials including recycled ones like ice-cream sticks, drinking straws, paper cups, coloured paper and just about anything! In this workshop participants learn the basics of electronics and the concepts of force and friction to create movement.

The result is pure delight and possibly a lifetime of creating robots and fantasy creatures with everyday materials!

Age Group: 9-14 years