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Mumbai and Me

Art is in the city!

Streets, neighbourhood, people, communities, conversations, architecture and history. Isn’t that the basis of all art and expression?

Mumbai and Me is a one of its kind module where participants undertake small explorations of the neighbourhood, observe, sketch, note and share their observations and then express themselves through a plethora of life-sized art.

Participants abandon traditional art instruments like brushes and learn how to create riveting and life-sized art using multiple mediums. Cut-outs, paint, recycled materials, soundscapes and just about every idea that engages all the senses is employed by the participants in this module to explore their artistic vision, get their hands properly dirty and create till they are spent!

The results will be evident for all to see on the last day when the exhibits will be put up for parents and friends to view. The projects will be presented and explained by the proud participants themselves.

The result is a unique artistic expression of what the participants experience in their exploration of the city!

Age Group: 7-11 years