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Bringing Life to Art

Stop motion animation!

Bringing Life to Art is a workshop, which will introduce students to basic concepts, principles and techniques in animation by experimenting with different styles and ideas in their own stop-motion animated short film.

At the workshop, the students will use clay, paper cut-outs and digital cameras to discover a new medium of storytelling. Unique materials are skillfully used to create beautiful short narratives, a process which opens up completely new ways of thinking in participants.

The students think up myriad possibilities with the materials on hand and use their imagination to come up with creative ideas, which will inspire their film. They will also watch acclaimed short animated films from around the world, widening their horizons and augmenting their exposure to international art.

Using clay, paper cut-outs and scrap material, the children create simple sets and characters and animate these characters. Their works are then edited into short animation films

Age Group: 9-14 years