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Vacancy: Reading Program Facilitator and Storyteller for online sessions

Applications are welcome from anywhere in India

About the position: 
The Pomegranate Workshop is looking for a dynamic facilitator who is passionate about stories and an excellent performer.  You will be working with students across demographics from grade Pre primary-5 in various schools online. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and dive into exciting programs in a fast paced, startup environment with a brilliant team of educators, artists and innovators. 

Start date: Thursday 11th March (based on days needed)

What we're looking for:  
- A performer who can bring stories to life in a classroom using read aloud techniques (Using props, simple everyday materials as costume, voice modulation, tone, pronunciation)
- Exceptional classroom management skills and strategies to hook students during an online session
- Be adept at managing online classrooms using features of online platforms (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet)
- Minimum 2 years of physical classroom experience
-Planning lessons and create story videos to meet program objectives within deadline
- A self starter with a strong work ethic, team player who can also take ownership of tasks given
- Excellent communication skills in English
-Qualification in the Arts preferred however other disciplines are welcome too
- Adhering to company goals and philosophies at each point

3 days a week (days to be communicated)
To Apply: Send in your resume and portfolio at (Portfolio must contain a story read aloud video or an online classroom session video done by you)
Last date of Application: Before 8th March 2020
About us: 
The Pomegranate Workshop is a front runner in the area of online Arts Education Innovation and Programming with leading international collaborators like the Australian Consulate General, Mumbai, Word Travels-Australia and Chicago Children's Theatre. With cutting edge partners and exclusively curated content, Pomegranate has pioneered multidisciplinary art programs and workshops across schools and organisations bringing the value of visual art, fine art and performing arts into the classroom for students and  teachers. Pomegranate has been one of the first arts companies in India to hold global online events since the lock down began in March 2020.Starting with a literature series with Australian authors for middle schoolers, we also did the first theatre live stream from an Australian theatre company for schools in India and held the first of its kind interschool slam poetry contest spearheaded by Australia's leading slam poet.',Miles Merrill.Our latest collaboration with the Chicago Children's Theatre has created  a first of its kind co production between students in Chicago and Mumbai! Pomegranate has also launched the first teen production of the classical Greek tragedy Antigone, as a 'Zoom play' on Insider, set in the Lockdown! The play has received rave reviews internationally.
The Pomegranate Workshop is a Mumbai-based arts education company founded in 2006 and has been working with leading schools to deliver co-curricular arts programming.Pomegranate student theatre productions have been featured at the National Center for the Performing Arts, Mumbai and in 2016, Pomegranate's Antigone 2.0 was picked in the top 10 Theatre Picks of Mumbai by the Mumbai Theatre Guide. In 2015, 2016 and 2017, Pomegranate student films have made it to an aggregate of 15 International Film festivals including Norway, Los Angeles, Turkey, Kenya, Bucharest and have won several awards including Best Film in the youth category at the 19th International Children’s Film Festival of India (ICFFI). Pomegranate has worked with the National Gallery of Modern Art, The Prince of Wales Museum and has conducted several learning events in collaboration with the Australian Consulate in Mumbai. Pomegranate works with several large education NGOs on capacity building programmes. Last year, Pomegranate conducted WeCreate 2019, a one of a kind inter-school
festival themed on sustainability giving over 700+ students a platform to voice their thoughts on the future of our planet. Pomegranate has developed and delivered entirely new online formats both for schools and NGOs as well as other partners like Corporates (Union Bank of Switzerland -a complete online
family activity program), Consulates like the Australian Consulate, Mumbai (online literature series for students and teachers) and a LIVE Slam Poetry event led by Australian slam poet Miles Merrill in addition to mythological story and traditional art and creative writing for partners like credit card platform CRED for members on their online app.