The Pomegranate Workshop

Creative Energies At Work

The theatre sessions helped my son overcome his inhibitions and he loved the writing sessions. To put it in my child's own words "no answer is right or wrong". It helped me put things in perspective as well.

- Mrs Gaglani, mother of Krish Gaglani (age 7) on his experience of Pomegranate Writing and Theatre sessions

My daughter likes change, she does not like repetition. Each day she was ready in the morning for the Pomegranate session. She has come back with more ideas which she wants to put into application.

- Hema Gupta, mother of Soumya Gupta (age 11) on her experience of Pomegranate art and writing sessions

The experience was "phenomenal" no other word to describe it. Krish had a ball. He rated the first class 10 on a scale of 10, the second was 11 and the third was 12!

- Bindu Narang, mother of Krish (age 12) on his experience at a Pomegranate Summer Special camp.

I think she was happy being herself (at the workshops), she was happy being appreciated, she did things naturally. There was something new each day. Please keep up the surprise element for the child each day as you have been doing!

- Prajakta Shroff, mother of Mitali Shroff (age 13) on her experience of a Pomegranate Summer Special program

It was indeed an inspiring experience for the children and also for all of us at the center. The interactive methods, varied materials and techniques triggered off the thought process among the children which led them to their own creations and self expression…we look forward to working with The Pomegranate Workshop in the future.

Founder and Managing Trustee, Mohile Parikh Visual arts center Mumbai

The Pomegranate Reading program has indeed been a great stepping stone for teachers as well as students. It has opened new avenues and instilled within students a love for reading. Thus we at D Y Patil International School have truly enjoyed this learning journey.

Tasneem Kasim, Head of Junior School, D Y Patil International School, Mumbai

The children of Shishuvan have learned to see, thanks to Pomegranate's willingness to run the film club at Shishuvan. From the choice of film to the manner in which it is introduced and discussed, we surmised that the club facilitators know how viewing can change with access. Our children would never have seen world cinema on their won. We are thrilled with the manner in which the film club has shaped our students way of seeing.

Kavita Anand

Executive Director, Shishuvan School

Vice Chairperson Childrens Film Society India

Let me express my sense of utmost  satisfaction at the manner in which your organisation conducted two workshops at Dr BMN College for our first year undergraduate students. Due to pressing commitments, I could not attend the workshops myself but<br>the feedback I have received from the students has been very good. They found the content and manner in which the sessions were conducted to be refreshingly different from the run-of-the-mill activities that we are compelled to conduct in classrooms, due to syllabus constraints and the size of our classes.  The girls were given the opportunity to explore their inherent creative selves, and enjoyed doing so thoroughly. My compliments to your resource persons – Gunjan and Kruti for handling the workshops so well, and to Pomegranate Eduworkshops for the professionalism you showed in your approach. Continue with your good work!

Dr Mala Pandurang

Associate Professor and Head, Dept of English

Dr BMN College (SNDT Matunga)

This is Teesta Rawal here. I attended the Screenplay Workshop at Prabhadevi from May 1-10. I really enjoyed the workshop. I felt that it was a great opportunity for me to learn something new, which I definitely did. It was a great experience and it was even better because someone as experienced as Ragini miss was conducting it.

It was great to learn new things about cameras, scripting, story boarding and all the other angles of film making. It was fun working in a group too.  The workshop was brilliant, especially when I got to handle the camera and do scripting.I had a wonderful time and am looking really forward to coming for more cool workshops like this in the future.

Teesta Rawal - 13yrs

Our college gave us the opportunity to attend a session by The Pomegranete Workshop that was held on 20th March,2012 in our college itself. The workshop was basically to enhance our skills regarding creativity and spontaneity. Our facilitator made us do many activities like painting whatever we felt like, dancing to the music as if there is no one around, pretending to open gifts that we want in our life and giving the expected reactions, etc. It was a totally different experience. Gunjan explained to us that creativity comes only when we listen to what comes to our mind first, without rethinking it. We should not be bothered about others views and opinions, but listen solely to our heart. The activities kept me interested and engrossed all the while and I just did not want the workshop to end since it was so amazing and enjoyable. I am looking forward to attend more workshops by The  Pomegranate Workshop. Thanks for making us realize the strength of our creativity that comes only when our mind is free of thoughts and that we should listen to our own inner voice without paying too much attention to the voices around

Divya Pherwani - FY B.Sc, Dr BMN College (SNDT, Matunga)