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Pomegranates in Summer

Summer is here and with it comes a plethora of flowering trees and fruit and of course mangoes

Pomegranate toasts the season with a host of seasonal stories and activities that spark the imagination and connect with nature!

As the United Nations marks May as the month of Bio and Cultural diversity, let us do our bit to savor and celebrate the diversity around us - flowers, plants, birds of summer and of course food and customs, wherever you might be!

Each session will have a rich story drawn from a different part of the world to deal with seasons, flora and fauna - myth, science fiction, realistic fiction and poetry will all comprise this basket of tellings and read alouds by accomplished facilitators.

Each story will be followed by exciting Do It Yourself (DIY) activities that connect with nature, followed by a short writing or art making activity that sparks self expression and connects with the DIY creation!
Participants can present and share all their creations in each session.

The final session will be a physical meet up at an outdoor venue for a tree walk to explore nature and write nature poetry and make art, out in the open!

Total number of sessions : 5
Online sessions : 4
Physical session : 1
Session duration : 1 hour
Cost of Module = Rs 1500

Date: Monday 9th to Friday 13th
(May 9, 10, 11, 12 online sessions)
(May 13th offline session)
Time : 3 - 4pm
Age : 7 to 10years

Cities where this module is open : Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore

This module will be led by Advaita Mane and the art segment by Komal Suryawanshi

Creative Writing Pomegranate's What's Your Story?

Pomegranate's What's Your Story?

A fun and immersive creative writing workshop focussed on the theme-Summer.
Summer is upon us and with that melon and mangoes, amaltas and jarul, and in the distance the reality of climate change. Summer symbolises summer vacations with family, playing with friends, enjoying fruits and now the thoughts of changing climate. Let's explore this very real and visceral experience through different forms of writing. With the help of apt reading material drawn from a plethora of great literature across genres and exciting writing cues, learners will channelise their lived experience of summer into stories, poems and non fiction writing. This is a hybrid module where we will have four classes online and the fifth one in person. The last class will be a nature walk culminating in writing poems inspired by our findings and connections to the world around us.
Join us to go on this wonderful adventure into the world of words and seasons and learn how to turn experience into writing.

Module Highlights
Exciting and contemporary reading material and cues drawn from world literature.
Using a fun nature walk as inspiration for poems.
Exploring genres that scale the spectrum of fiction (including mythology and science fiction among others) realistic fiction, non fiction and poetry

Date: Monday 9th - Friday 13th May (5 days)
Time : 4.30-5.30pm
Age : 11-14years

Cost of Module = Rs 1500 (4 online and one physical session)

This workshop will be led by Yashasvi Vachhani

About The Facilitators:

Yashasvi Vachhani is a poet, writer, and facilitator based in Mumbai. She has curated multiple children's literature festivals and facilitated writing programmes for the last four years across schools in Mumbai. Her poems have been published in Of Dry Tongues and Brave Hearts-an anthology of women's writing and SWWim Miami a well-known literary magazine. She loves writing, reading and the colour yellow.

Advaita Mane-A dancer, storyteller and dramatist, Advaita's aim is to infuse each session with multiple arts that awaken the magician in each child. Advaita Mane is an Odissi danseuse for over 20 years and has several performances and accolades to her credit. A recipient of the 'Singaar Mani' national title by the Sur SingaarSamsad, she has also received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture, Govt of India for Odissi. Advaita plunged into storytelling at Amar Chitra Katha with a focus on Emotional Intelligence of children. A graduate in Philosophy, Advaita has been a member of The Poona Arts Theatre for the past several years and completed multiple levels of the Speech and Drama course offered by The Trinity College, London. Her love for Indian art and mythology further led her to complete a Diploma in Natyashastra from The Nalanda Institute of Dance and in Indian Aesthetics from Jnanapravah, Mumbai.
At Pomegranate, Advaita works as Head of Workshop Experience and Social Sector Outreach into the creative spirit in each child.

Our art facilitator for this module, Komal Suryawanshi specializes in printmaking and painting. Her prints have been awarded in the State Art Exhibition in the year 2013 and 2014. She conducts several art and printmaking workshops with The Pomegranate Workshop. Komal's styles of interest include Folk Art, Kerala style paintings, Madhubani for its elegance and art with far-eastern influences and experimenting with exclusive art media. She enjoys researching performing art, sculpture and architecture for her classrooms. Komal is a print maker and has completed her Masters in Fine Art from Northern University- Jalgaon Click Here to Register