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There was once a flower in bloom into which many ants had crawled.

Suddenly the flower closed and the ants were trapped inside!

They made little eggs and stayed in there forever and the first Pomegranate was born!

This 12-year old’s description and illustration of how the pomegranate came into existence was part of an ‘origin myth’ session with Gond artist, Venkat Singh Shyam at The Pomegranate Workshop.

So why is it special?

Scratch the surface and you will see the student’s critical thinking (conceptualizing, analyzing, synthesizing) and creativity surface, along with bold risk taking (no fear of right and wrong).
Now juxtapose these skills with instructional (and outdated) art education today – which presents a prototype and instructs students on how to reproduce it. The net result is a piece of paper with a cookie cutter art work.
Worse still, this form of copy paste instruction communicates ‘right and wrong’, ‘no risk’ and definitely no requirement for ‘conceptualization or application’ which sets the student’s development back with each hour of learning.
At Pomegranate we believe in strategies that build critical thinkers and risk takers, be it through art, creative writing, theatre, film or STEM! Our workshops sparkle in their ability to create thinking and risk taking leaders!
15 years, several international awards and touch points with a host of schools, education boards and thousands of students later, The Pomegranate Workshop can lay claim to creating real leaders.

Here is a glimpse:

A word from our STEM students

Here is what parents of our students have to say

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The theatre sessions helped my son overcome his inhibitions and he loved the writing sessions. To put it in my child's own words "no answer is right or wrong". It helped me put things in perspective as well.

- Mrs Gaglani, mother of Krish Gaglani (age 7) on his experience of Pomegranate Writing and Theatre sessions

Parents Feedback

It was indeed an inspiring experience for the children and also for all of us at the center. The interactive methods, varied materials and techniques triggered off the thought process among the children which led them to their own creations and self expression…we look forward to working with The Pomegranate Workshop in the future.

Founder and Managing Trustee, Mohile Parikh Visual arts center Mumbai

School and Other Institutions Feedback

This is Teesta Rawal here. I attended the Screenplay Workshop at Prabhadevi from May 1-10. I really enjoyed the workshop. I felt that it was a great opportunity for me to learn something new, which I definitely did. It was a great experience and it was even better because someone as experienced as Ragini miss was conducting it.

Teesta Rawal - 13yrs

Participants Feedback